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Company Board

ALSO Schweiz Management Circle

With competence and efficient leadership, the of ALSO Schweiz Management Circle intensively pursues the interests of its employees, its customers, and its business partners.

Tom Brunner

Chief Customer Officer ALSO Suisse SA

After his apprenticeship, Tom Brunner began his career in ICT in 1990 as a monitors technician. Alongside his job, he studied at the KV Zurich Business School to gain a Swiss federal diploma as a marketing manager. Over the past 20 years, he has held various posts including Head of Product Management, Head of Marketing, Sales Manager, Board member and CCO for various retail and service companies, and has also served as CEO for a national distribution company. Tom Brunner joined ALSO in 2016 and as a member of the Management Board was in charge of the Supply division, i.e. the company's high-volume business. As of 1 March 2018, he is Chief Customer Officer at ALSO Schweiz AG.

Patrick Hagen

Head of Division Services

In 1992 Patrick Hagen came to ALSO ABC Trading AG, as it was called then, as an organiser and was responsible for various roles during his career at ALSO. He holds a degree in business informatics (university of applied sciences) and a Master of Advanced Studies in business Administration. In 2004 he set up the “Partner Management” department within ALSO Services. This team now has the overall responsibility for customer and manufacturer key accounts services – including customer service. In April 2018, Patrick Hagen assumed complete responsibility for and management of ALSO Services.

Erich Steiner

Head of Division Solutions

Erich Steiner has held various sales-oriented roles in his career to date, having gained several vocational qualifications. He has a Swiss diploma in Sales Management, for instance. He gained additional managerial skills at the HP Channel Academy, specializing in the IT sector. From 2006 through 2014, Erich Steiner led ALSO Schweiz AG's Software business unit. Since 2014, he holds responsibility for the Solutions division.

Pasquale D’Angelo

Head of IT

In 1992, after completing his training to become an electronics fitter, Pasquale D’Angelo joined what was then ALSO ABC Training AG, where he held a variety of positions such as PC/LAN Supporter, IT Application Consultant and IT Project Manager.

In parallel to his professional career, he completed a variety of IT further training courses and has qualifications in IPMA Project Management, PRINCE2 and ITIL. From 2012 to 2013, he was Head of the “IT Application Management” Team within ALSO Schweiz AG’s IT Department, where he was responsible for running and further developing business applications. Since 2014, Pasquale D’Angelo has managed all of the IT operations of both ALSO Schweiz AG and its subsidiaries.

Reto Vogel

Head of Finance

Reto Vogel has been Head of Finance at ALSO Schweiz AG since July 2017. He is qualified as an Executive Master in Controlling and Consulting, and is a Swiss Certified Expert in Accounting and Controlling. Before he joined ALSO, Reto Vogel was a Member of the Management Board for eight years and therefore responsible for the Finance and Controlling Divisions of ait Schweiz AG as well as Schulthess Group AG. Before that, he worked as a Senior Accountant at eBay International AG.

Roland Künzi

Head of Operations

After completing his training in business management at ALSO Finanz AG, Roland Künzi worked in Credit Management and later as Debtor Accounting Team Leader for what was formerly ALSO ABC Trading AG. He has a qualification as a “Swiss Certified Business Economist”. At the INSEAD Business School, he was also able to acquire and deepen his advanced management knowledge. From 2003, in his role as Process Manager Roland Künzi was responsible for the design, further development and efficiency of ALSO Schweiz AG’s business processes, among other things, and also worked internationally and as a customer advisor in this post. Since 2017, he has managed ALSO Schweiz AG’s “Operations” Division.