Product finishing

We finish your products in our professional and flexibly extendible production zone.

We offer an extensive range of value-added services in the field of product finishing and provide support on matters such as bundling, IT, staging and assembling as well as equipment labelling and unpacking. To do so, we efficiently combine automation and manual work. Our staff and facilities are organised to cope with fluctuating order sizes. Agility is our top priority: for orders placed by 12 noon, production can start the next day.

We install and update software on high-tech equipment in accordance with customer specifications. We run an efficient configuration centre with a flexible staging zone, where equipment is installed, configured and tested by our experts.

We create new and unique sales units from a number of products and customise product data to bundle labels.

We customise how products are put together by enclosing promotional material or cabling with a parcel or replacing one element with another.

Value added services
Our range of services includes storage, distribution and product finishing, as well as additional services:

  • Packaging design and improvement
  • Satisfying retailers' requirements (specific labels, etc.)
  • Reconditioning and assembly
  • Labelling
  • Unpacking

No more out-of-stock critical products
The ALSO production planning tool makes it easy to combine scheduled incoming goods and marketing activities, forecasts and stocks and thus produce the necessary production planning in a way that is efficient and requirements-orientated. If any shortages arise, our alert process informs you proactively and promptly, enabling you to take the necessary measures.

  • Professional, scalable production department with up to 60 staff and a daily capacity of some 30,000 units
  • Professional infrastructure with line production, staging zone, production stations, duty stamping machines and welding machines
  • An area in excess of 1,500 m² dedicated to production and handling
  • > 2.0 million finished products per year



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