MyDeliveryKMU: More time – more sales

Your business is unique! And that’s exactly how it should stay.

With MyDeliveryKMU, you can focus on your core business again, and we’ll focus on ensuring that your product reaches the right place at the right time. And we do all this for a great price.

But one step at a time. Are you familiar with the following situation? It’s 4 p.m. on a weekday at your company. You have just found out that a customer urgently needs a delivery for the next day. The product is available in stock, but who will take it to the parcel delivery company at this time of day? And how can you ensure that it really will be delivered the next day?

Or alternatively: The customer requires an urgent delivery but he is not available during the day. How can your customer let you know which delivery time would suit him best?

If all of this sounds familiar, then we have the ideal solution for you!

A service that has been running successfully for some time with major retail companies such as HP (Schweiz AG), Sunrise and Media Markt is now available to you as an SME (KMU in German). We have now introduced parcel collection as an additional service especially for SME customers, whereby we take care of the entire delivery chain.

The 3 key benefits of MyDeliveryKMU for your company

1. Optimized shopping experience for your customers

You benefit directly from our favourable delivery rates that we receive due to high transport volumes and that we pass on to you.

2. Top conditions for you and / or your customers

Increased attractiveness of your company – satisfied customers are the best customers. Increased customer satisfaction thanks to the possibility of selecting flexible delivery options – all without additional effort on your part. In contrast: We take care of the entire supply chain.

3. One platform - one contact

Regardless of the delivery method and delivery partner, you have access to a unique transport network and can rely on ALSO as a competent partner to answer any questions you may have.

How does MyDeliveryKMU work?

MyDeliveryKMU is a logistics tool that you can simply link into your web shop. Your customers can use it to select the individual delivery or collection option for their online order.

The solution essentially consists of two modules that can also be used independently of each other. However, the greatest added value is achieved when they are used in tandem:

The innovative software tool for your web shop:

  • Your customer can freely select the delivery time and destination (e.g. same day, evening or Saturday delivery), and can choose from 2,500 collection points.
  • He can track and manage his deliveries thanks to easy access to the information, without the need to log in or download apps.
  • You can simply make the tool visible to your customers in your web shop.

The innovative logistics solution:

  • Once a day, you prepare your parcels and letters and we will collect them from your premises.
  • Depending on the chosen delivery option, we take care of the interim storage and organise the delivery of your parcels via our transport network using partners such as Swiss Post, DPD and Notime – at great rates.
  • We also integrate new exciting services that are needs-oriented to increase the service level and attractiveness for you and your end customers.

Your customer decides when and where!

1. Delivery Method

Decide between collection and home delivery as required

2. Place of delivery

In the case of a collection, select the right collection point from the network of 2,000 available.

2. Delivery time

In the case of home delivery, select the desired delivery date and time.

4. Confirmation

Activate additional requests via state-of-the-art mobile payment and pay directly upon delivery.

5. Ordertracking

Keep track of the current order status at all times with the order tracking function.

Implementation with little effort for SMEs

MyDeliveryKMU consists of two modules. A front end (website) where your customers can select the desired delivery option. You control the back-end application yourself – both modules are extremely easy to use via a web browser. For you, this means:

  • No integration necessary in the web shop, therefore minimum programming effort
  • Data exchange between the web shop and MyDeliveryKMU takes place via a standardised data export
  • myDeliveryKMU is web-based and can be called up from anywhere using any device
  • Own user administration with roles and rights
  • You can manually enter your required delivery options in the tool at any time – independently of web shop orders, for example


With MyDeliveryKMU, you can enter, process and track deliveries. Once the deliveries have been released, you will receive barcode labels to clearly identify your deliveries. You print out these labels from MyDeliveryKMU. You can track the status of the deliveries at any time.

Your end customer can select the delivery method and delivery time slot to suit his own needs. Depending on requirements, your customer can choose from a network of more than 2,500 collection points. The selection process can end with a pre-determined time slot. If the end customer does not choose a delivery option, the system selects “next-day home delivery” by default in all cases. All information and updates regarding the delivery are sent to the end customer by SMS or e-mail. Via the same link, the customer can check the status of his delivery at any time.

You can manually start the end customer process for selecting the destination and time via the tool administration interface at any point. All you need is an e-mail address or mobile phone number in order to send the appropriate automated information to your customer.

The parcels will be collected from your premises at a mutually agreed time and will be transferred to our sorting centre, where they will be scanned and forwarded depending on the delivery option selected for the end customer. Parcels that are not destined for next-day delivery but for another delivery time slot will remain at the sorting centre until the delivery date.

We are happy to deal with your transport queries. The end customer can also contact the ALSO team directly in the event of transport queries via the telephone number indicated in the MyDeliveryKMU tool. As the seller, you can also store your own coordinates in the tool if required.

When your parcels are handed over to ALSO, we take over liability. The parcels are insured and liability for damages depends upon the delivery method. This liability ends when the goods are transferred to the end customer as agreed.

Our prices and services are transparent at all times. You will be provided with a detailed overview of the delivery methods and prices. You define the price for end customers for Saturday and evening deliveries. The payment is collected via MyDeliveryKMU and is credited to you with the service settlement, which takes place on a monthly basis.

Excel is the standard application software and CSV the standard file format. Additional formats may be permitted as required.

The “MyDelivery” delivery option is integrated into the check-out process. The “On-site pick-up” option can be added as required, if a sales outlet is integrated or if collection options are desired. This means that just one text block must be integrated with the corresponding link.

It is beneficial if you have an average parcel delivery volume of eight parcels or more per day.

Your ALSO contact for queries and information

MyDeliveryKMU is an innovative step towards greater freedom and individuality – both for you and for your customers. Would you like to delight your customers with this ultra-modern logistics service? Please contact us at any time for further information:

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