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Welcome to Security Innovation

You will no doubt have heard of the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to enter into force in May 2018. Employee training is critical for successfully implementing company-wide protection measures for confidential data.

The Cyber Security Awareness Training courses offered by Security Innovation are a package of highly interactive, scenario-based training sessions with supporting documents (information sheets, guides, 2-minute videos, etc.). These are designed to educate about the behavioural changes necessary to ensure the protection of confidential data in day-to-day operations. The individual modules are available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian and Vietnamese.

Cyber Security Awareness Training – Modules:

The Cyber Security Awareness Program is offered under a one-year licensing arrangement based on the number of users (multi-year licenses possible). The annual license model is offered because the programme evolves on an ongoing basis as the training materials are regularly updated to address current issues. The training programme consists of the following modules:


In this module, participants learn more about the different types and iterations of malware. The learning goal for this module is to be able to identify and classify malware and develop defensive strategies for preventing malware infection in the workplace and home environments.


Participants learn how to identify malicious e-mails before these can pose a threat. You will learn about proper e-mail handling, studying best practices and examples of how and when e-mail should be utilised for communicating certain types of information.


In this module, participants learn how to identify malicious phishing e-mails before they can pose a threat. Participants learn more about the various methods attackers employ to try to trick and entice users. Best practices are shown about how to properly respond to a phishing attack so as to avoid the threat.


In this module, staff learn about mobile device security – how data can be misdirected or lost and problems that arise when the line between business and personal data is not clearly drawn.


In this course, staff learn what information is classifiable as ‘personal data’ and in what ways they can proactively help ensure that such data remains protected in their day-to-day work.


Staff learn about how to protect passwords and are educated on the techniques attackers utilise to discover passwords. In interactive exercises the course participants learn how to generate highly secure passwords that make company accounts more secure and tricks to help memorise them.


Staff learn about the risks associated with carrying sensitive data and the importance of ensuring personal safety while travelling, with a look at best practices for protecting their hardware.


In this course participants learn about how to select appropriate cardholder data protection mechanisms and how PCI-DSS minimises cardholder data risk.


In this module, your staff learn to identify the many manifestations of social engineering and are educated on its potential impact. They will learn to recognise the techniques employed by social engineers and how to authenticate requests to enable day-to-day business functions to proceed without being compromised by social engineering.


IT travel security is more important than ever in view of the huge volume of data now storable on small devices and carriers. In this module, staff learn about risks associated with transporting sensitive data and are advised on how to travel safely when carrying sensitive data, with examples of when it’s best to leave such data at home.

Cyber Security Awareness Training – Supplemental Materials:

All modules are structured with a teaching segment combined with a range of supplementary communication materials designed to enhance the learning process, which include:


The advisory sheets for the month's training module are a concrete tool for explaining complex subject matter in short, uncomplicated steps. These sheets can be printed out and distributed at weekly team meetings and printed out by individuals for their own use, and can be posted at every workstation.


Each course is structured with a theory portion and a practical portion focused on acquiring situational know-how, making the courses both informative and interesting. This content comes with an interactive exercise designed to be engaging and challenging.


The learning units are structured with high-impact graphical posters that snare the reader's attention and are ideal for visual and fact-oriented learners and for gaining the attention of casual observers.


Brief, informative and engaging articles that provide staff with information about the topic and content of the module. These can be customised in a variety of ways.


Our series of short videos are a source of practical tips and memorable dos and don’ts concerning security awareness. Humorous and simply and concisely designed videos are an outstanding supplement to the training programme.