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What is ALSO Workplace+?

The Workplace+ Solution is a smart office IoT technology bundle designed to get your customers started with their first IoT solution.

It offers a selection of sensors –– bundled with LoRaWAN connectivity, the ALSO IoT Platform and ready-to-use applications –– to help your customers monitor and control office occupancy, usage and environmental conditions.

By collecting data from the sensors and visualising it with applications in the ALSO IoT Platform, your customers can make smarter decisions, improve their office environment and control the size, safety and usage of their workspaces.

Make IoT as easy as 1-2-3

Expanding your IoT service offering and improving the management and productivity of your customers’ workspaces has never been easier.

The ALSO Workplace+ devices use pre-configured LoRaWAN connectivity to integrate seamlessly with the ALSO IoT Platform, offering a hassle-free rollout experience. Once the ALSO Workplace+ solution is set up, your customers can instantly start visualising the data through the ALSO IoT Platform and its range of ready-to-use applications.

Workplace+ Devices

Sensors with pre-provisioned LoRaWAN connectivity.

ALSO IoT Platform

Secure & scalable IoT platform to connect the devices, collect and visualize the data


Ready-to-use applications allow your customers to start enhancing their workspaces right away.

ALSO Workplace+ use cases

Learn how ALSO Workplace+ can help your customers across a range of use cases.

Use the ROI calculator tool to see the potential return on investment and long-term profit you can provide to your customers with ALSO Workplace+.

Keep COVID-19 secure

Help your customers maintain social distance and optimise cleaning and safety measures across their workspaces.

ROI calculator

Optimise social distancing

Monitor occupancy of desks and meeting rooms to ensure office users can maintain social distancing

Maintain cleaning and safety measures

Track desk and meeting room usage in real time to ensure cleaning and safety measure can be carried out with minimal risk

Implement safety alerts

Set up safety alerts to inform office users when they use a “non-sanitised” desk or meeting room

Optimise workspace costs, capacity and utilisation

Save your customers money by helping them optimise their office space, rental costs, and electricity and HVAC usage through real-time utilisation data.

ROI calculator


Deliver up to a 40%* reduction in energy costs1


Increase office capacity by up to 30%2


Set up safety alerts to inform office users when they use a “non-sanitised” desk or meeting room

Boost productivity and enhance office health

Improve the comfort, productivity and performance of office users by monitoring and controlling real-time air quality, lighting, sound and temperature levels.

ROI calculator


Improved ventilation can increase productivity by up to 11%*


Good lighting can improve performance by up to 15%


Distracting noises can reduce performance by up to 66%*


Optimal performance temperature is between 20-25°C*

Optimise parking lot occupancy and cost

Ensure you customers’ employees can always find a free parking space with real-time tracking and use historical data to optimise parking needs and costs.

ROI calculator

Monitor parking space occupancy in real time

Help employees quickly find free parking slots

Use historical data to optimise future parking needs and costs

Buy Workplace+ products and earn Bonus Club Points

Purchase any of the following products or kits to earn Bonus Club Points and expand your IoT service offering.

Workplace+ Starter Kit

An easy-to-use starter kit that includes everything your customers need to get started with IoT.


  • x1 LoRa Gateway
  • x5 Desk devices
  • x1 Eye device
  • x1 Environmental device
  • x1 Sound device

Eye Device

Monitor meeting room occupancy

Desk Device

Monitor desk occupancy

Sound Device

Monitor sound level in an indoor space.

Environmental Device

Monitor CO2 level in an indoor space.

Parking Lot Sensor

Monitor occupancy of parking spaces

1. When all systems in a building are integrated and optimised
2. Based on results from the ALSO ROI calculator
*Oseland, N, Creating the Perfect Meeting Environment (Sharp Report, 2019)